Do you need a license to sell Delta 8?

In the United States, you need a license to sell Delta 8. This is because it’s a Schedule I drug and falls under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The DEA has strict regulations for selling this substance. First, you must register with them by filling out an application on their website. Second, you must have a security firm complete…

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cbd profits

Understanding Profit Margin Reselling CBD Products

CBD products are having a moment right now. The industry is proving to be highly lucrative, and many people are eager to get in on the action. If you’re considering entering the market yourself, you’re probably wondering how much you can profit from selling CBD products on a small-scale. The fact is, CBD retail operations of any size can succeed…

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Lady doing yoga pose on liquid

Rise in Popularity of Selling CBD in Yoga Studios

The combination of yoga and cannabis is not new. Cannabis is even referred to in the Vedas (sacred Hindu spiritual texts) as a sacred plant. It was considered a source of happiness and liberation provided by nature to liberate humans from worry and fear. In Sanskrit, “yoga” means “unite.” Similarly, it is a source of peace and liberation. CBD (cannabidiol)…

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CBD and Coffee Shop Selling Opportunities

Putting CBD (cannabidiol) in coffee is a newer combination in the growing catalog of ways to use it. There are concerns around mixing a stimulant like caffeine with a relaxer like CBD. Wouldn’t those two effects clash and leave your body groggy or disoriented? For businesses, is adding CBD to your menu a risk worth taking? The rage of cannabis…

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CBD for Chiropractors

Never Underestimate the Use of CBD (For Chiropractors)

Cannabidiol (CBD) has more benefits than people know what to do with! It’s making its rounds in the consumer market and being noticed by the holistic medical community. CBD is a chemical compound that derives from the plant cannabis. Depending on how it is extracted, these chemicals stimulate the body in various ways with – of course – various dosages.…

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Understanding CBD Wholesale Networks

If you’re an aspiring CBD wholesaler, you’ve surely considered the pros and cons of joining CBD wholesale networks. With networks, you access a greater selection of options to sell CBD. Whether it’s selecting a dropshipping option or private labeling your CBD products, these are all considerations when you need to choose the right option for your business. With wholesale networks,…

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