Understanding CBD Wholesale Networks

If you’re an aspiring CBD wholesaler, you’ve surely considered the pros and cons of joining CBD wholesale networks. With networks, you access a greater selection of options to sell CBD. Whether it’s selecting a dropshipping option or private labeling your CBD products, these are all considerations when you need to choose the right option for your business.

With wholesale networks, you benefit from “network effects”. If you’ve read Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One, then you know that network effects are one of the strategies to enhance a business go-to-market plan in order to dominate a marketplace. The great thing about selling CBD (and broadening out to the entire cannabis market) is that there are so many subsidiary markets for CBD products.

At Dr J’s, you know that we offer a variety of CBD products that you can buy in bulk, though you might not know how everything works on the backend. In this post, we want to give you a better perspective for understanding how CBD wholesale networks can work for you.

How to Become a CBD Oil Distributor

You probably know that on the backend, manufacturing CBD can be a very involved process. Everything from harvesting the pure CBD from hemp plants to extracting the oil to performing lab testing for potency can become a hassle. By focusing on the core responsibility of selling CBD (as a distributor), you can take all of those activities “off your plate”, and simply focus on selling CBD to the end-users. This is one of the many reasons why you might consider becoming a CBD oil distributor.

To actually become a CBD Oil Distributor, all you need to do is submit an application, be approved and start ordering your products at wholesale prices. It sounds like a simple process (and it really is)!

Over the years, we have streamlined the process so that more distributors could having a fighting chance to get product and start making money as a CBD distributor.

Decide on the following options:

  • CBD Wholesale Private Label Options
  • CBD Distributor Partner Relationship
  • CBD White Label Registration & Payment Arrangements
  • CBD Flower Wholesale Networks

Work alongside one the top CBD distributors in the nation!

CBD Business Opportunities

  1. Work with wholesale experts to buy wholesale CBD oil with access to lab tests and network pricing!
  2. Team-up with us to co-create your own unique private label with our products under your own brand!
  3. Grow an existing line of products and exponentially grow your business by selling products you can buy searching our other unique CBD product collections!