Rise in Popularity of Selling CBD in Yoga Studios

Lady doing yoga pose on liquid

The combination of yoga and cannabis is not new. Cannabis is even referred to in the Vedas (sacred Hindu spiritual texts) as a sacred plant. It was considered a source of happiness and liberation provided by nature to liberate humans from worry and fear. In Sanskrit, “yoga” means “unite.” Similarly, it is a source of peace and liberation.

CBD (cannabidiol) makes a wonderful addition to a yoga practice because it helps your body relax. That combined with a gentle yoga routine will create a record tension-free experience physically and mentally. It supports healthy joints and muscles, reduces anxiety and depression (especially helpful for those with high blood pressure), decreases inflammation, and alleviates pain from sore and aching muscles.

How you consume the CBD determines how quickly you feel the effects. With a tincture, you can set an intention while it sits under you tongue. After about 10 minutes in savasana (corpse pose), it should be well into your bloodstream. Beneficial poses while using CBD include apasana (knees to chest), jathara parivartanasana (supine twist), marjaryasa (cat/cow), adho mukha svanasana (downward dog), and balasana (child’s pose). CBD is also helpful for faster paced yoga classes. While the physical benefits are not as easily noticed, the mind will wander less and be more in the present.

CBD also prolongs the effects of yoga after rolling up the mat. When we naturally feel good, our brain produces and releases a neurotransmitter called anandamide, the “bliss molecule” (“Ananda” meaning “bliss” in Sanskrit). Neurotransmitters dissolve throughout the body which is why we do not remain in a blissful or any other state for a long period of time. Reports say that the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide is suppressed by CBD. Therefore, the effects last longer in the body.

An important difference to note is the use of THC and CBD. Both are from the cannabis plant but CBD has no psychoactive effects. THC, another compound from the same plant, is known for making people high. Law changes are offering a huge opportunity for CBD to accompany holistic personal care. In the past, THC has had advantages for athletes and others with significant sore muscles but CBD reports are showing a similar effect without the side effects of memory, coordination, or increased appetite.

Experienced individual in health, fitness, and cannabis, Lorilynn McCorrister, suggests that persistent stigma is the largest obstacle in societally accepting CBD as a powerful treatment. Researcher Jan Slaski, PhD, cites estimations that the Canadian hemp industry could easily be worth $1 billion/yr by 2023. Reports suggest that the United States could have a $5.7 billion hemp industry by the end of 2020.

Will incorporating cannabis products succeed for every studio? Consider your audience. But having it as an option to purchase CBD products enhances the experience for you and your customers.