Our Process

Pure CO2 Extraction

Dr. J’s has always used only the purest possible, solvent-free concentrates in our products, all extracted in-house by our techs. In June 2014, we adjusted our processes and switched from Bubble Hash to CO2 extracted Hash Oil.

The Carbon Dioxide method for extraction leaves zero chance of toxin contamination from improper or inadequate removal of solvents. A common problem found with hydrocarbon extraction.

The pure hash oil produced in our CO2 extraction lab is rich, and thick, more solid than liquid at room temperature, but once heated turns into beautiful amber syrup.
Gourmet Cannabis Concentrates

The solventless processes we use at Dr. J’s requires more effort than Butane Hash Oil (BHO), or other hydrocarbon solvent produced concentrates. A CO2 extraction system is considerably more expensive as well, but the end result is a higher quality, pure, and safe concentrate.

More than just taste and efficacy, BHO and other solvent based extractions can be cause for concern if the solvents aren’t adequately removed, and the production process itself can pose serious environmental and safety hazards.
Environmental Impact of Cannabis

The growth of the Cannabis industry in Colorado has given rise to some interesting implications for environmental impact across the state. For example, the city of Denver is facing challenges to meet energy consumption targets set by the state due to the proliferation of indoor marijuana grow facilities in the city.

Dr. J’s tries to do its part to limit the environmental impact of our operations. The non-solvent based process using CO2 has zero risk of contamination to the consumer, and zero risk of environmental contamination, fires, or explosion.
Quality Control

At Dr. J’s, we pride ourselves on exceeding compliance of all regulations set by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. We go above and beyond to provide products that are of high quality without the addition of preservatives or harmful chemicals. We strive to produce the best product that is safe, effective, and easy to use.

Testing has come a long way since marijuana legalization in Colorado. Commercial testing is more accurate than ever before, but there are still improvements to be made. Since there are no federal regulations for testing facilities, it is difficult to create industry standards. Because of this flaw in the system, test results can vary widely between testing facilities. To ensure potency and quality of our products, we employ the services of two separate commercial testing labs so that we are able to compare results, and have internal standards for product quality above legal requirements. If a batch of our product tests below those standards, we reformulate and remake the product until we get it right.

Product testing isn’t the only way that we ensure quality. Dr. J’s employs multiple compliance consulting firms to conduct random spot-checks on our facility, processes, and our employees for legal and internal policy compliance.

Dr. J’s doesn’t just care about quality, we set the gold standard for Cannabis infused products.