Do you need a license to sell Delta 8?

In the United States, you need a license to sell Delta 8. This is because it’s a Schedule I drug and falls under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The DEA has strict regulations for selling this substance. First, you must register with them by filling out an application on their website. Second, you must have a security firm complete an on-site inspection of your location before they will give approval to purchase Delta 8 from a distributor or manufacturer. Third, if approved by the DEA and local authorities, then get ready for some serious paperwork! You’ll need to apply for permits in multiple states in order to sell Delta 8 legally within that state’s borders.

Lets say for example in Illinois. The future of Delta-8 is unclear, as the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations has yet to release its first round of preliminary rules, but legislators have taken notice and want to impose stricter regulations on Delta-8. The licenses for cannabis products are tightly regulated by the state. To obtain a license to manufacture or sell cannabis products, applicants are charged an application fee of $5,000 which will not be refunded if the application is denied. After the applicant has been approved for licensure, they would then have to pay a separate licensing fee of $60,000 for an Adult Use Dispensing Organization License for two years. If you can meet the Social Equity criteria, your application fee would be only $2,500, and the cost of a two-year license would be $30,000.

Companies that wish to market Delta-8 THC products would be wise to first take a close look at the relevant state laws, as they are bound by all applicable federal and state laws.