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Access the same program that more than 100 wholesalers are using to grow their business with our CBD!

At Dr J’s, we know why you’re here: you’ve heard of our CBD reseller program. The CBD program we offer is unique in the way that we have a low-minimum price which makes the wholesale program affordable for small business owners looking to augment their existing operation with our line of wholesale products.

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Become a CBD Wholesaler

Here’s the deal – you become a wholesale buyer with us, and we’ll ship you the best quality CBD products you’ve ever touched. We’re confident in our abilities to outperform any leading competitor.

  • Superior hemp sourced from legal US-based certified hemp farms
  • Proprietary CBD hemp oil extraction methods to ensure pure CBD
  • Third-party lab tests verify our batches of product are consistent
  • Internal innovative R&D methods provide us a promising future
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee– there’s no other way to buy risk-free!

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For a limited-time, we are accepting new CBD wholesale buyers to join our program! With our program, you are working alongside the experts in the canna industry.

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With years of experience and being one of the first companies to be certified to sell marijuana legally in the State of Colorado, we have evolved over the years. Continue the journey with us– from here on out, you can join our success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wholesale CBD cost?

CBD oil at wholesale prices can go as low as 50% discount on retail-priced goods and sometimes even less! A minimum order can be as low as $250 — just to start the first round of shipment of products to your business.

Where to sell CBD wholesale products?

Many CBD products are being sold in local retail stores across the nation as well as selling online. Social media sites, however, have been very strict to advertisers selling CBD products. For example, you can’t run Facebook Ads with CBD oil.

To sell CBD products, you can post organic updates on social media and drive web traffic to increase online sales for your business.

Who buys wholesale CBD oil?

A variety of eager business people with an opportunity at their fingertips starting clicking around and find wholesale CBD to buy online. It’s becoming more common for a variety of types of businesses.

For example, chiropractors buy CBD at wholesale prices because they are buyers of CBD as they’re able to incorporate the products into their professional service.

Contrast that example to local gas station owners where CBD products to sell become an impulse buy for their customers at-the-counter buying gasoline.

Many different industries are incorporating CBD into their beverages, baked food items and more. However, there are laws to consider when CBD is incorporated into food, and not a lot of people know CBD legal matters as in-depth as they should when buying CBD online.

Since the FDA prohibits certain types of edible items with CBD included, some producers of CBD are skirting the system and releasing product without knowledge that their entire operation could be shut-down at any moment.

Do you wholesale CBD beauty products?

Yes, we sell CBD beauty products, including, eye serums, anti-aging creams and lotions. The CBD-infused products serve as wonderful beauty products and enhance the sense of well-being in the users.

Do you sell CBD wholesale for retailers?

We do serve retailers with wholesale-priced CBD products. Actually, the majority of buyers are from local retail locations seeking to buy CBD at wholesale prices.

Do you sell CBD wholesale for dogs?

Yes, but we don’t sell CBD to dogs– we sell CBD for dogs at wholesale prices.

You have purchase options available, too. Depending on whether you’re looking to buy dog treats or tinctures at wholesale prices, you can get those options by sourcing the right supplier.

Do you sell wholesale CBD for pets of other kinds?

Yes, our line of pet products is one of the top reseller requests, and we have built one of the most phenomenal line of CBD products for pets you’d ever be able to open your eyes to seeing. We do offer these with better quality CBD (tested on pets the same way and care as with humans) than any other pet products at wholesale — on the market.

How much wholesale CBD isolate for sale is available to purchase?

If you need FTL or LTL, we can make it happen. We move product, and if you can move some product quickly, let’s make it happen.

How many wholesale CBD gummies for sale are available to purchase?

In the grand scheme of things, it’s limitless. With the hemp farms that are legally growing quality plants with high-potency amounts, we have the supply of pure CBD oil for the gummies.

The infused gummies are produced in batches, but we can always attempt to accommodate even supply more when the demand requires.

Are wholesale CBD ‘no minimum’ arrangements worth it?

If you’ve been in the industry– or searching the industry — long enough, then you’ve probably have heard about the “no minimum” schemes out there. With this scheme, essentially competitors offer “no minimum” arrangements to entice would-be resellers.

Instead, with the no minimum, you essentially become an affiliate marketer– not a wholesaler. With affiliate marketing, there are pros and cons, though, one of the cons is that you’re entirely at the mercy of their company, their decisions on affiliate payout rates, and discounted products often decrease your profit potential as an affiliate marketing sales performer.

In gist, ‘no minimum’ arrangements aren’t typically worth the risk of being coerced into an affiliate marketing arrangement.

Why is Dr J’s the best of the CBD wholesale networks around?

We have been on the bleeding edge in the background working for some time. Now, we’re revamping using better systems and really recharged with a new approach as we see the industry growing in popularity over the last several years.

Now, with more States welcoming the use of cannabis, there is more demand for cannabis-infused products of all types. However, CBD products are available to purchase across the entire Nation.

With this in mind, we strive to open the opportunity of selling wholesale CBD products. With the openness in our philosophy, we’re looking for long-term relationships that are mutually rewarding business relationships for the long-run.