CBD and Coffee Shop Selling Opportunities

Putting CBD (cannabidiol) in coffee is a newer combination in the growing catalog of ways to use it. There are concerns around mixing a stimulant like caffeine with a relaxer like CBD. Wouldn’t those two effects clash and leave your body groggy or disoriented? For businesses, is adding CBD to your menu a risk worth taking?

The rage of cannabis is no longer for those looking to get high. CBD, a compound that does not get you high, is piquing interest in a wider range of people as health benefits emerge from the research. While still federally illegal, select states are paving the way for an industry that is expected to quickly grow into the billions.

One of the business types that are jumping on board is specialty coffee shops. By selling bags of coffee or just add-ons, beverages grow in profit. It also attracts more customers. CBD and coffee can lure in a new audience and intrigue your existing audience. For those tentative to try CBD products, what a better way to try it than a familiar cup of coffee?

As with everything, the results are a little different for everybody. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system by accelerating the heart rate and blood pressure to promote focus. For those with anxiety disorders this can lead to jitters, increased anxiety, and potential panic attacks. For these folks, CBD and coffee is a more attractive combination. It provides the benefit of being alert without the negative effects.

The success of this combination depends on your purpose for using it. If CBD helps you manage serious medical conditions, such as mild to severe inflammation or seizure disorders, adding coffee to the mix isn’t a good idea. Studies show that hotter temperatures dilute the effectiveness of CBD. Regarding your cup of joe, the CBD will be more potent in cooled or iced coffee drink. Where exact dosages are in order, this is too risky. If CBD serves as a supplement for reducing anxiety or mild physical discomfort, accurate dosages aren’t as vital.

But what about mixing contradicting ingredients? Well, in small amounts, CBD is actually a stimulant. If somebody drinks more than one cup of coffee in a sitting, they should be wary of the amount of CBD they’re consuming. If someone is not used to CBD or larger portions of a stimulant, headaches or harder crashes can occur. But for more avid coffee drinks, it might be the perfect amount to relax the anxiety or jitters without feeling groggy or intoxicated.Would putting CBD oil in coffee benefit your business? Be sure to communicate with your local law enforcement agency. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration still consider it federally illegal to add CBD into food products though some state governments don’t enforce this position. Your local agency will be able to provide information and guidance specific to your area.